Saturday September 7, 2019 2pm- 10pm

What if all of San Diego came together to see God move in miraculous ways?


Last year, we gathered as many local San Diego churches together to worship and release healing. It was one night only, and many were touched by the love and power of God. Many testified of being saved, healed and delivered that day. We believe that if the church gathers in unity in these settings to worship God, He will move in miraculously for those in need as He promises.

History reveals that in this same spot, Amee Semple McPhereson gathered large crowds to this Organ Pavillion and many were radically changed and healed by her events.

We’d like to see God do it again!

Come join us this year!

Booths will be set up: Prophetic teams, healing teams, artists painting and more. 2- 10 pm