Our Ministry Resources

Chaplain Teams

Our Chaplain teams consist of various strong leaders in the San Diego area that are in current ministry as well as full time work. They serve volunteering to minister to those sick in hospitals, hospice or in home care. Please contact us if you'd like to have someone come to pray for your loved one.

Sozo and Deliverance Teams

We offer a personal one on one ministry time for those in need of deeper ministry for healing or deliverance from torment. We have a basic protocol for these ministry times to not only honor our teams for their expertise and time in these sessions.
 Most sessions are approximately 2 hours long. We ask for a donation to the ministry to continue supporting these valuable ministry times. We see many get great breakthrough after these types of sessions. If you're interested in ministry please contact us and we will send you a form to fill out and return before your session to better serve your ministry needs. It also prepares the team for your time.

We look forward to serving you!


Counseling Options


Madi Stonier, LCSW

Madi has been a Christian Therapist with RCA Counseling, since 2014. She integrates spiritual truths with her education and training in mental health to walk people into deeper healing. Email her at Madi.LCSW@gmail.com to see if she would be a good fit for your needs.

Lynda Miller,


Lynda Miller is a licensed and ordained minister with a degree in Psychology and a minor in addictive disorders.  As she came into her own New Beginning 15 years ago, the Lord directed and affirmed the birthing of her ministry, New Beginnings Counseling Services.  Over the years people have been led to the Lord, marriages have been restored, reconciliation and restoration within families have occurred as individuals are brought into healing and growth with new understanding, behavioral changes, greater cognitive awareness, and forgiveness.
Having been trained in deliverance and Sozo, Lynda has successfully incorporated these modalities along with prayer.
A session is typically 60 minutes and Lynda offers a sliding scale, asking clients to pray and obey, as she lives by faith!
Located at the Lamplighter in El Cajon
Lynda says she absolutely loves seeing people come into their own New Beginning and God being glorified!

Contact Lynda @ lam4god@yahoo.com


Other healing modalities


Purge Away

Lorraine (Lori) Wooldridge

Certified X’tract Specialist

Young Living Essential Oils

From San Diego, CA

Do you know we have daily opportunity to encounter chemicals and toxins regularly with what we eat and drink, from lotions, soaps, cleaners and more?  Do you know that some scientist now say and believe trauma and emotions can be stored in our body as well?  Our lymphatic system is like a janitorial system for the body, a holding tank that stores fat and toxins daily. It is essential that toxins and harmful waste be removed and cleansed.  If not, it can build up and cause blockage which could result in conditions like fatigue, bloating, tight fitting rings, painful joints, brain fog, chronic conditions, excess weight and more. 

X’tract is a detox release and cleansing technique that targets the lymphatic system.  This hands on technique detoxes and cleanses the body of unwanted; harmful waste from the lymphatic system which supports the body’s ability to perform at an optimal level, allowing other systems to function well. The body is about balance.  The lymphatic system is a key to keeping the body in total and complete harmony with all other organs and systems it supports.

For appointment call or text: 858.229.1618

She also uses Raindrop Technique, combined with Young Living Essential Oils, is a hands on method of topically applying several oils in a raindrop manner to the spinal area.

The Raindrop Technique is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level.  It is designed to supports the immune system, and encourages the body into a structural and electrical balance.  It encourages less stress and more relaxation, strengthening, and well-being.  Raindrop Technique stimulates detoxification of the body, the release of toxins. This also could include toxins lodged in the mind and emotions. Raindrop Technique is a non-secular art, a modality that reaches to all levels of the body, mind and emotions encouraging well-being, balance and a pleasing effect. 

The Raindrop Technique combines a Vitaflex Technique to one’s feet, a technique especially effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body to promote support of the body’s systems from within.

Testimonies and experience is a pleasant sense of improved wellbeing, relaxation, energized in some cases and strengthening. Along with other testimonies, some people leave a little taller in height, straighter, relaxed, less stressed, with a release of physical and emotional or chronic complaints, and a sense of well-being. 


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