Prophetic Art Workshop

With Maria Sainz and Linda Mullen

Saturday July    21st

9-1 pm

Clairemont Christian fellowship (fellowship hall)   

4570 Mt. Herbert Street SD, CA 92117

Cost: 28.00

We are featuring Linda Mullen and her expertise in watercolor. We will also spend some time hearing from God and allowing of time of ministry through the prophetic art we create.

Come out to this class and learn how to explore how God communicates to us and then how we translate His heart into our message with art. We will do some activations, prayer, and worship as we create together.

Bring any supplies, brushes or mediums you would like to work in. We will provide paints, some small canvases, paper and various brushes. Bring your ideas.

 by Linda Mullen

by Linda Mullen

Various art pieces  by Linda Mullen


Linda Mullen

Every piece of art has a message. We like to express the heart of Our Father and bring hope.

Art by Maria Sainz