Our hearts are to see the gospel continued to be preached to the nations! We have developed relationships with various people that have made it their life’s mission to be on the mission field around the world. These are a few of our friends doing the work of the ministry with teams in Haiti, Africa, and Thailand. We also support students and those at Red Seal going on short term missions to Brazil, Spain, Germany and other regions. We love to see believers take risks to go outside their normal routine to engage in visiting and helping in other parts of the world to minister God’s grace, power and love.


Melissa Lull and Lindsay Anderson- Haiti missions( HSMS)

Cecilia - El Shaddai ministries- Ghana, Africa

Rich and Dianne Tylski- short term missions with Activate love- Zambia, Africa

Jenn Chen- Thailand

Joe and Marian Vaine- Oaxaca

BSSM Students

Please join us and pray for of these amazing people on the mission field!