Our Team


Lead Pastors

Rick and Maria Sainz

Ordained by Third Day Church, Rick and Maria have been hosting the weekly Tuesday night meetings at CCF for over 3 years.  Each Week many are saved, delivered and healed by the power of Jesus.

Their desire is to see the kingdom advanced by igniting and equipping the body of Christ in their God given Identity. As sons and daughters, they can move into their call and destiny with confidence and power. These Tuesday meetings serve to ignite the church to move forward!


Worship Director

Mike Hubbard

Mike has been a worship leader and pastor for over 35 years. He's a leading voice in the worship community of San Diego and His desire is to see the body of Christ flow in unity to bring revival fire. He's been all over the globe speaking into the lives of worship leaders encouraging and equipping them in their gifts of worship to set nations on fire for Jesus. Mike directs all worship bands for Red seal.


Our Ministry Team

Rick Smith, Julia Gendron, Steve Kelly, Jackamo Brady, Wayne Landon, Karyn and Norm Helsel, and Cathy Hayes.

Each one on our teams are highly seasoned in ministry and have served in healing ministry. They have all been trained in biblical principals to Freedom, and serve in their local churches as well. Many go out into the streets, malls and hospitals where many are getting saved, healed and delivered.