Meet Rick and Maria

Maria Sainz was born and raised in San Diego. Most of her early twenties were spent doing musical theater, art and ballet, which lead to the world of beauty pageants and a long search for identity. Later, she was lead into the retail and T.V. industry as a makeup artist. Fully acquainted with the fashion industry, saturated by greed and lust, she felt the effects of how physical appearance determined identity and acceptance, and used extreme measures to maintain that expectation.

Eventually she moved to Los Angeles to finish a Bachelors of Arts in Design at UCLA. After years of searching for the truth she was drawn into new age religions that lead her to come to the end of herself experiencing panic attacks. Upon graduating school she was invited to a church in Westwood, where she received Christ. Soon after, she heard God call her to move back to San Diego and three months later her father died instantly from an aneurism. That moment in her life profoundly drew her closer to God, diving head first into the principals of God’s Word. Her diligence in seeking God brought the deliverance and healing she’d been looking for, realizing her true identity in Jesus Christ.

After four years of suffering from insomnia, anxiety and depression, she had a radical encounter with God where she experienced the love and power of God for the first time and was healed. Days after this encounter, when she was invited to pray for others, they received miraculous healing. The manifestation of God’s presence increased over the months.  Soon after, she was asked to teach a bible study in a home for a few women. It grew to large bible studies that soon became the foundation for sixteen years of teaching bible studies.

Rick Sainz was saved at a Billy Graham crusade when he was thirteen. Over the years he became a strong and devoted servant in the church in area of worship and mentoring. After Rick and Maria were married in 1997, they spent a season being full time caregivers to Rick’s mother where she received physical and emotional healing from trauma. After her passing, they spent several years hosting small groups in their home together. It lead to launching a full time ministry which is now Red Seal ministries.

Together, they led a home study which grew to over a hundred people. Then, they moved the group to a local church and it grew to over two hundred more people attending to the weekly meetings. Red Seal ministries, is now a non profit organization and holds services, and outreaches in San Diego. It is an apostolic hub focusing on equipping the body of Christ. They speak in churches all over San Diego area igniting people into their destiny preaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ with the demonstration of Jesus message with signs, wonders and miracles. Their desire is to see the body of Christ come into their true identity to move forward in advancing God’s kingdom.